Experimental research topics

Experimental research is widely used in psychology, physics, medicine, biology, chemistry.

What is experimental research?

Experimental research is research that is conducted with a scientific approach using more than one variable. The independent variables effect is observed and recorded over time to research the relationship between two variables. This experimental research method is mostly used in physics and social science to measure the difference between the two groups. 

Experimental research collects the necessary data, which can help you to make better decisions. Research proper scientific research if it is conducted by using practical methods. It is mostly related to collecting quantitative data and performing statistical analysis.

Type of experimental research

Three types of experimental research 

• Pre experimental research design

• Quasi-experimental research design

• True experimental research design

1. Pre experimental research design

In this type of experimental research, one or more dependent groups are observed the effect of an independent variable. Pre-experimental research is the most accessible form of experimental research design. Pre experimental research divided into three parts, which are

• One-shot Case Study Research Design

• One-group Pretest-posttest Research Design

• Static-group Comparison

2. Quasi-experimental research design

Quasi-experimental research is prevalent in education; in this research, administrators cannot allow students random selection for experimental samples.

Some quasi-experimental research design parts involve the time series, no similar control group design, and the balanced system.

3. True experimental research design

Proper experimental research design most reliable type of experimental design and may be involved with or without a pretest on at least two randomly chosen secondary subjects.

The real experimental research design must include a control group, a variable that can be managed by the researcher, and the number must be random. 

• The posttest-only Control Group Design

• The pretest-posttest Control Group Design

• Solomon four-group Design

Experimental research topics

1 . Physics experimental research topics

• Astrophysics, Fusion, and Plasma Physics

• Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

• Energy Systems

• Biophysics

• Optical Physics and Quantum Information Science

2. chemistry experimental research topics

• Methods of securing lithium to prevent its corrosion on connection with oxygen

• A survey cover tension and its indications for the expectation of transportation

• Beryllium and its capacity to facilitate the health of other metals to which it is attached

• A survey at the usage of hydrogen in determining the behavior of oxygen

• The results of silicon as a semiconductor equaling used massively in the usage of cosmetic surgery

3 . Environmental sciences for experimental research

• Acid rains. Are they something exclusively related to the manufacturing activities of humanity?

• Prehistoric wildlife and its part in the growth of future ecosystems

• Chernobyl and Fukushima accidents. Their impact on the ecology of the whole planet

• The effect of coral rocks and the results of their potential extinction

• Green energy. Is it green? How can it impact Earth?

• Can kindness benefit the Earth, or shall we talk about reducing the harm only?

• Tectonic movements. Can they change ecosystems?

• Global warming: is it caused by humanity, or is it just a part of a natural cycle?

4 . Management and business experimental research topics

• Cost Management Systems

• Management of Financial Institutions

• Business Succession Planning & Transfers

• Business Cycle

• Professional Selling in Marketing Business Marketing

• Brand Management

• Marketing Research

5 . Economic Topics for Experimental Research

• What are the different flat Taxes?

• Discovery of Bitcoin.

• Different Forecasting.

• The procedure of Administration of currency.

• Analyze various Swapping Rates.

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Characteristics of experimental research 

1. The results are specific

2. By using experimental research, you can find the cause and effect of a hypothesis.

3. Analyze variables relationship in depth.

4. The data you collect is a foundation for building more ideas and conducting more research.

5. Experimental research has a stronghold over variables.

Data collection method in experimental research 

Observational Study

This experimental research method involving study for a long time measures and observes the variables interest without considering any change in the existing position.


This method uses mathematical, physical, or computer models to represent a real-life process. This situation is too expensive, dangerous to replicate in real life.


 A survey is a method of experimental research used to gather relevant data about a populations characteristics and is one of the most common data collection tools. This method involves questions prepared by the researcher to answer by the selected people.

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