Quantitative research topics

Quantitative research involves statistics and numerical evaluation of data collected by questionnaires, polls, and surveys. A quantitative research paper aims to collect numerical data and dividing it into different categories of people.

For your research, you need to whether it is experimental or descriptive research because it defines how you collected the data and analyze it.

As mention, every research required a proper and systematic way or approach to making research fully professional and unique. The quantitative research technique provides you a proper analysis of the numerical data.

These are some methods used to do quantitative research


Questionnaires carry questions related to the research topic in which participants choose an answer from given questions. Questionnaires are a less time-consuming method of quantitative research. The questionnaire carries close-ended questions to get a better response from the population.

The use of questionnaire data to be represented in graphical form so redder can find it easy to understand questionnaire presentation require data interpretation.


A survey is a quantitative research method used to collect information from the group of population related to the research topic. It’s simple and easy to use the method of quantitative research.

The data involve the answer to the question related to what you want to know from the people related to the topic.


This quantitative research method involves communication between researcher and participant. The researcher asks some questions to participants related to the topic. The biggest advantage of the interview is the researcher gets to know details from the participant.

The interview helps you to gather more information related to the topic researcher can ask any question according to the response of the participant. The interview involves flexible questions.


Sampling is one of the methods to collect data for quantitative research. This method involves selecting a group for the study from the population. This method of quantitative research is more accurate than other methods.

Quantitative research paper topic

Education quantitative research topics

·         Technology effect on student study?

·         How sports in school help in student development?

·         Impact of physical education classes on student health?

·         Impact of rude teachers on student’s behavior or study?

·         An effective method of improving education in school?


Quantitative research topic for technology

·         Quantitative research on technology in the country defiance system?

·         Security measures in windows, macros, UNIX, or Ubuntu?

·         Quantitative research for the impact of technology in the learning method.

·         Quantitative research on how technology helping in the healthcare industry.

·         how technology affects mental health?

·         Mix reality and virtual reality

·         Benefits of using nuclear energy in the future.


Science quantitative research topics

·         Quantitative research on Nuclear energy

·         The disadvantage of using nuclear power energy

·         How to promote green technology

·         Tectonic movements. Can they change ecosystems?

·         Global warming: is it caused by humanity or is it just a part of a natural cycle of the Earth?


Healthcare & nursing quantitative research topics

·         Impact of covid19 on the child’s

·         Main reasons for seizures in children?

·         Treatments for Post-discharge pain-relief

·         Can pediatric opioid medicines create addiction problems in youngsters?

·         Quantitative research on promoting skin cancer awareness and stopping methods.

·         How to manage rude patients as a nurse?


Marketing quantitative research topics

·         What makes the consumer more loyal to brand products?

·         Quantitative research on consumers properly implemented to defend themselves from direct marketing?

·         What are the trends in online marketing?

·         How do consumers perceive companies that promote on Facebook?

·         Impact of direct selling and marketing on sales increase

·         Direct selling tradition and improved sales

Business quantitative research topics

·         Quantitative research on company communication today aware of the differences in technology in the world environment?

·         Does business communication get recipients’ actions?

·         Businesses Should Be Honest with their Consumers All the Time?

·         Why is an Ethical Code Necessary for Businesses?

·         Role of online business in the development of the business?

·         Quantitative research on Cultural effects on business?

·         How is a business making an impact on GDP?


Economics quantitative research topics

·         Quantitative research on economic change.

·         How covide19 affect the global economy?

·         The procedure of Administration of currency.

·         Analyze various Swapping Rates.

·         Different factors leading the economy.




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