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Physics is the branch of science that studies matter, motion, and behavior through space and time and energy, and force. Physics is one of the most basic scientific disciplines, and its main purpose is to know how the universe works.

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Branches of physics homework help

Modern physics

 Modern physics is a part of physics that is concerned with post-Newtonian theories in the world of physics. It is based on the two major discoveries of the twentieth century: Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.

Classical physics

 Classical physics describes the law of forces that act upon the bodies. It is a basic part of physics dealing with the general concept of particles and motion.


 In 1905 Albert Einstein proposed the hypothesis of relativity. It studies the investigation of mechanics and electromagnetism.


 This branch controls the sections of the universe and cosmology. At the point when understudies end up in a fix, they can request our assignment composing help.

Quantum Mechanics

 It is that section of Physics which operates nuclear and subatomic structures, and the information about their connection with radiation. The real advancements in this space include quantum measurements, quantum electrodynamics, and quantum field hypothesis.

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Importance of physics for students

1.      Technological Advances

2.      Applicable to Many Fields

3.      Intellectual Development

4.      Development of Logical Thinking and Ability to Thinking Intellectually

5.      The ability of Problem Solving


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