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West coast is one of the ideal places for New Zealand. There are several schools and institutes. It is a beautiful place with many alluring outdoor sites. Many students study there.

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The West Coast is a fabulous place to study for your ultimate career, with several practical programs to pick from - some in specialized fields such as eco-tourism or emergency management. West Coast schools have tinier class sizes, advanced facilities, and access to a mind-blowing outdoor adventure playground.


Why should you study on the West Coast?

Specialist Courses

Eco-tourism, Jade carving, outdoor education, and emergency management are amongst the specific programs provided at Tai Poutini Polytechnic.

This government-funded tertiary institute provides a broad array of practical programs, concentrating on vocational education, technical and applied skills.

Many of its programs use the West Coasts great outdoor environment and strive to train students to reach regional employers job requirements. Tai Poutini Polytechnic is based in Greymouth and has more West Coast campuses in Reefton, Hokitika, and Westport.


Tiny Class Sizes

West Coast schools have smaller class sizes, providing students with longer time with their mentors. The region has above 500 teachers, and out-of-school coaching is accessible in all areas.

Primary or secondary school students on the West Coast study in secure, healthy communities in rural or semi-rural environments.

While they live in an unspoiled paradise, Coasters - the West Coast people - also have access to the most advanced technology. West Coast schools have had significant investments in IT, and all have convenient equipment and high-speed internet connections.


Outdoor Education

West Coast students have a quick and comfortable path to beaches, lakes, rainforests, rivers, hills, and various education providers address outdoor education as an essential element of the school program.

At Westland High School in Hokitika, senior students can earn qualifications in kayaking, rock climbing, abseiling, tramping, and navigation. There are numerous opportunities for students to ski, snowboard, and bodyboard and enjoy a broad spectrum of arts and cultural activities.



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