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Davenport University is a private, non-profit, university with campuses throughout Michigan and online. It was founded by Conrad Swensburg in 1866 and currently offers associates, bachelors, and masters degrees; diplomas; and certification programs in business, technology, health professions, and graduate studies (MBA). Davenports W.A. Lettinga Main Campus is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The main campus includes residence halls, student organizations, and athletic programs.


HISTORY: Davenport University was founded in 1866 by Conrad G. Swensburg, a Union Army veteran who returned to Michigan from the Civil War. The college, located in downtown Grand Rapids, opened with sixteen students as the Grand Rapids Business College on January 25, 1866. The college offered courses in various office skills, such as bookkeeping, penmanship, business law, and arithmetic. The college operated under various names and in several locations in Grand Rapids throughout its early history. The school gained accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission—North Central Association of Colleges and Schools in 1976 and grew rapidly during the mid- to late 1900s and expanded with campus locations across Michigan.


ACADEMICS: Davenport University offers more than 50 areas of study and provides degrees from its five colleges. Davenport specializes in business majors, with the Business Administration and Management program being the most popular major, with close to 20% of enrolled undergraduate students. Other popular majors include Accounting, Business/Commerce, Marketing/Marketing Management, and Human Resources Management.

The Davenport University offers associate degrees, bachelors degrees, and masters degrees through its five colleges at its main campus:

·         The College of Arts and Sciences

·         The College of Health Professions

·         The College of Technology

·         The College of Urban Education

·         The Donald W. Maine College of Business


DEGREES UNDER DAVENPORT UNIVERSITY: Davenport University offers a no. of online degrees, understanding that many of their students have busy schedules and don’t want to relocate to earn the degree. Davenport University has developed online programs to fit into their hustling lifestyles.

Some of the bachelor degrees offered by Davenport University are the following:

·         Accounting, BBA

·         Accounting Fraud Investigation, BBA

·         Human Resource Management, BBA

·         International Business, BBA

·         Cyber Defense, BS

·         Computer Information System, BS

·         Technology Project Management, BS

·         Integrated Professional Studies, BAS

·         Nursing Pre-Licensure, BSN

·         Medical Case Management, BS

·         Health Services Administration, BS


Master degrees under Davenport University are the following:

·               Master of Accounting, MAcc

·               MBA in Finance

·               MBA in Marketing

·               MBA in Strategic Management

·               Master of Management, MM

·               Computer Science, MS

·               Technology Management, MS

·               Data Analytics, MS

·               Nursing, MSN

·               Family Nurse Practitioner, MSN

·               Health Informatics and Information Management, MS


MISSION: Davenport University helps and transforms students to reach the highest levels of academic performance, leading them to excel and advance in their selected fields.

VISION: Davenport aspires to be renowned as a quality institution of higher education that understands the market better than any other institution. We strive to apply that understanding to our programs and teaching, preparing Davenport and its graduates to exceed employer expectations, transform communities, and change lives by believing that every person can achieve his or her dream.


VALUES: Davenport University Values represent the behavioral expectations of our faculty, staff, and students in performing their responsibilities and achieving their goals. We understand our students, give them a friendly environment, help them out in any problem, and these values are represented through STAIR.


Serving with quality


·                 Understand our students

·                 Nurture capable and energetic students

·                 Help students start, stay, and succeed

·                 Provide Great Service

·                 Commitment to continuous quality improvement


·         Communicate openly and honestly

·         Demonstrate loyalty

·         Maintain confidentiality

·         Teamwork

·         Explain “why” and ask “why”


·         Ask, “What else can I do?” 

·         Solicit and provide feedback

·         Follow University policies and procedures

·         Perform to the Vision and strategic plan

Innovation and creativity


·         Share thoughts and new ideas

·         Actively engage and participate

·         Constructively challenge status quo

·         Think outside the box

Respect and Inclusion

·         Understand and value individual and cultural differences

·         Promote equitably treatment and inclusive behavior

·         Leverage diverse perspectives

·         Celebrate success

·         Inspire and motivate


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