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Franklin University is a private, non-profit university. Its headquarters are located in Columbus, Ohio. It was founded in 1902 to serve the needs of adult students. The university has over 25 location centers in the Midwestern United States and a majority online population. For more than 115 years, Franklin University has been the place where adult learners can complete their degrees swiftly. From our Main Campus in downtown Columbus, Ohio, to our convenient online classes, to locations throughout the Midwest, this is the spot where working adults learn, assemble and succeed.


HISTORY: Franklin University has a history of serving adult students that spans more than a hundred years. It was founded in 1902 at the Columbus YMCA (Young Mens Christian Association), under its sponsorship as the YMCA School of Commerce. It would change its name to Franklin University in 1933, and would amicably discontinue its formal affiliation with the YMCA in 1964.

In 1993, Franklin offered its first graduate program, the Master of Business Administration (MBA). In 1998, Franklin University created the Community College Alliance (CCA), a program designed to ease the way for community college students to transfer the maximum number of community college credits toward completing a bachelors degree at Franklin.


ACADEMICS: Franklin University provides degrees at the associate, bachelor, masters, and doctorate levels. Many of these programs can be finished online. The university also operates a coaching program that allows undergraduate and graduate students to be mentored toward gaining academic, professional, and personal goals under the guidance of professionals whom the university has appointed as coaches. Coaches are not university staff but are professionals working in the industry. Each coach has a one to one connection with a Franklin University student and provides monthly mentoring and guidance to that student.

Franklin University has the following colleges:

·         The College of Arts, Sciences, and Technology;

·         The Ross College of Business

·         The College of Health & Public Administration.

·         International Institute for Innovation Instruction



Franklin University offers a no. of bachelor and master degrees. Some of the undergraduate and graduate courses are given below.

Bachelor degrees offered by Franklin University are the following:

·         Bachelor of Science in Communication

·         Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

·         Bachelor of Science in Cyber-Security

·         Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

·         Bachelor of Science in Psychology

·         Bachelor of Science in Accounting

·         Bachelor of Science in Nursing

·         Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

·         Bachelor of Science in Sport Management

·         Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management

·         Bachelor of Science in Health Science


Some of the master degrees offered by Franklin University:

·         Master of Science in Computer Science

·         Master of Science in Business Psychology

·         Master of Science in Cyber-Security

·         Master of Science in Data Analytics

·         Master of Science in Information Technology

·         Master of Science in Accounting

·         Master of Business Administration

·         Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Administration

·         Master of Science in Health Informatics

·         Master of Public Administration


MISSION: Franklin University is a student-centered, non-profit, independent institution that offers superior-quality, relevant education allowing a wide-range of the community of learners to achieve their goals and make their future bright. Since 1902, Franklin University has been a pioneer in reaching the needs of adult students who have the ambition to continue their education simultaneously with their jobs and other responsibilities.


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