Oxford Reference offers access to over one hundred twenty-five core educational, subject, language and quotations dictionaries. The content is updated monthly, and new titles and new editions area unit other thrice annually. you'll be able to choose from the fundamental Oxford fast Reference, and therefore the additional advanced Oxford Reference Premium assortment, that additionally has 2 add-on special collections. 

Oxford fast Reference includes 180+ educational subject, language, and quotations dictionaries providing rigorously vetted, trusty short-entry content. 

The Oxford Reference Premium assortment includes all the titles within the foundational fast Reference and a range of additional in-depth, single-volume works from Reference Library, several of them being Oxford Companions. 2 add-on collections area unit offered for the Oxford Reference Premium assortment.

The reference book of social service is co-published by the National Association of Social staff Press and Oxford Press. It provides a consistently-updated resource for a period of welfare work. With high-quality, profound articles that provide sensible applications for social staff within the field, this foundational guide provides valuable insights for college students, faculty, and practitioners the least bit levels of expertise. New and revised articles area unit other to the gathering monthly, making certain that users will access to the foremost up-to-date data offered.

For nearly seventy years, students and students of the traditional world have relied on the Oxford Classical wordbook as a useful reference. because the OCD has full-grown in scope and length over ordered editions, its comprehensive and nearly unequaled coverage has begun to push the boundaries of print.


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KEY options

Oxford fast Reference:

A monthly-updated program - diode by Oxford’s fully-fledged reference employees, external educational advisors, and supported user feedback - checks and revises articles for prime levels of accuracy and timeliness

Regular content releases add new titles and editions

New exclusive, online-only dictionaries widen the coverage of areas of study and analysis

Best For: Checking a reality or finding the key, trusty data on an individual, concept, or term

The Oxford Reference Premium assortment

The best Oxford content for each fast fact-checking and deeper analysis

All twenty-five core subject areas portrayed across many titles

Includes all the continual change and exclusive online-only content provided by the Oxford fast Reference assortment, beside a crucial choice of Oxford's additional specialized titles.

Both products include:

Overview pages: over three hundred,000 pages process every distinctive term, besides clever onward navigation, all utterly free and ascertainable from the open internet

Timelines: 270 free timelines organized by period, area, and theme, with every event connected to a free entry in Oxford fast Reference

Intuitive style and functionality: Navigate to content quickly and simply with increased linking and summary pages

Quick and advanced search: search, kind and filtering choices to suit all levels of user

Annotation functionality: choose text to focus on and annotate together with your own notes

Customisation: save analysis journeys, favourite titles, and entries

Share content: Integrated tools embrace social bookmarking, email, and citation export

Discover-ability: brandy twenty one records (available at title level) and Open address increase discoverability and usage of library resources. The Oxford Index Underbar additionally offers a free search and discovery service showing links to connected content from all Oxford Press online content

Illustrations: several illustrated entries and articles, as well as color images, line diagrams, maps, flags, and tables 

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