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Importance of Practice Sets in Exam Preparation

Exams are analogous to mirror in many extents for students. As they are the source to show exactly how much students have studied from the syllabus and how much they can utilize their knowledge. But performance in the exam is not only dependent upon knowledge gained by the students from the syllabus, but it depends on how the student apply his knowledge in the exam and how sharp are his skills in solving questions accurately. Developing these proper skills and application of knowledge requires lots if practice. This practice can be provided to the students using practice sets in exam preparation.

·         Importance of practice sets counts a lot specifically when you have to score very good marks to reach your desired position. These days, the completion in every type of exam has become very tough due to more number of capable examinees. In order to survive in this growing competition and stress, students must prefer practice sets for exam preparation. These practice sets consist of sample questions and previously asked questions in a similar type of exams. When students try to solve those questions, they slowly make themselves capable of solving the questions of that difficulty level.

·         Importance of practice sets is highlighted by many psychological studies on students. These sets are wonderful tools of confidence building for students about the exam and question papers. Many students face phobia for certain questions or certain situations in the examination, this phobia could be overcome very effectively by solving these practice sets. Many soft skills like a way of thinking, analytical skills, and thinking abilities are developed in the students when they solve those practice sets.

·        These practice sets are designed by experts in such a way that students will not be disappointed by the content and will not try to quit it. The difficulty level of the topics and the type of questions is increased gradually with each set. This gradual increase in difficulty level and tricky part of the questions make students think about the same topic in different dimensions and then answer the question in the given time.

·        Importance of practice sets is directly linked with the time management of students while solving the questions in the exams. Generally, students face difficulty in deciding which questions to attempt and which not to attempt in the given time period. This requires decision making power to be developed in the student at the eleventh hour. These practice sets help students to decide which questions to be answered in question paper and how much time is required to answer each type of question.

·        Classification of questions to be solved depending upon the weight of marks is very important to point for students. In order to score more marks students have to decide whether which question should they attempt and how much mark that particular question can provide him. Practice sets help students to make this strategy and help students to decide their choice of questions in the question paper.

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