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Improve Your Study With Time Management –

Whenever you think of studies, laziness, long hours, and sitting on a chair for long or maybe a bunch of books or endless syllabus come into your mind. And these things always get you stuck and stop you dong work. But if you really want to grow then some simple tricks may help you to be a better person or be a good student. Do you think of being a good student? It means you will get higher marks than your classmates or awards and a lot of parsing from teachers and a lot more. You can get all such things if you being able to manage your time properly.

Every person has got 24 hours in a day to do anything. Helen Keller, Abraham Lincoln also had got 24 hours in a day as you get. But successful people somehow managed everything to reach up to their goals. Everyone can learn great time management skills from such greatest folks.

Go into deep this article to let yourself know the effective time management tips.

Manage a Calendar  


When your new semester begins then you have a lot of things to start them at the same time. It might be concerned you and after a while, you may get stuck among the variety of things. In order to overcome this net, you must manage a calendar. It is not about the regular calendar. It’s about a new work calendar that will be created and organized by You to accomplish all your assignments.

Tip – I am not recommending you any regular calendar. Try to make yourself new lists of dates by month wise.  And also mention their goals and hang them in a place where you could see it very often. It will help you out to keep remember all the goals and their last dates.

  • You can mention semester exam dates.
  • Assignments dates to keep remember them.
  • All other events of school/college.

Remove all Social media app

In this world, a person cannot go without social media channels and many of them would fond of a few social platforms like youtube and they also watch youtube videos very often when they get notifications. In this case, if you want to achieve your goals or focus on studies then you should unsubscribe all the social media like FB, youtube, etc.

Stop using them right away.

Tip – The first way I have told you above that delete the entire apps in phone feed. Rather you have the option to deactivate your accounts or if you don’t want to deactivate then stop getting notifications that always distract you.

Keep away your phone.

When you start a study or anything else related to your education then keeps your Smartphone in another room. And don’t pick it up again unless you finish your study.

This action really helps you because the phone is considered as the biggest distraction.

Tip – These days mobiles have become the necessary part of life rather folks especially youth in the habit of using mobile. Moreover, students are used to browsing the whole time because they don’t know how to use modern technology. Gradually you can overcome this habit if you desire.

Have sleep when you get time

Bad habits are the main cause of distractions. In order to focus on studies properly have slept for at least eight hours. According to research, if a student takes sleep into bed, his concentration abilities are increased more than 50%, So have sleep and stay healthy.

Tip – Stop reading anything before going into bed like phone, books and newspapers and take sleep only when you are tired. Also, develop a habit to have nap and siesta. It will improve your productivity.

Do One Work Once

Many students try to accomplish multiple tasks at the same time. This leads to failures and disappointments. So make a schedule or a list of and try to do one task at one time. Complete the first task and then start another. It will help you to achieve all the terms on time.

Tip – Plan for one work at one time and put all efforts to finish it or get the results then start another.


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