Business law case study

                The business law case study is a particular category of a case study that involves disputes between two different legal entities. The case is related to a particular issue and the legal entities have to make sure that they are doing their activities effectively towards the case under consideration. The people involved in the case study look forward to making sure that, they are trying to find out solutions to the problem and they are likely to come up with proper solutions.  A law student will consider the usage of case studies. Based on the case studies, the law student shall find out possible legal solutions. The legal case studies considered are at times challenging and at certain times the case studies also exciting for the students working upon the same.

Business Law

                Business law is related to a set of laws that are considered as highly functional in terms of resolving domestic or foreign matters of business. The resolution of matters is carried out by way of a series of official materials, meetings, and commercial materials. The business lawyers provide help and assistance to their clients by way of the allegation and other categories of relevant matters. A business law student looking forward to helping his clients in the future needs to understand the law effectively.

Problems with Business Law

                The first problem regarding business law is that it is based on various jurisdictions. An appropriate case study writing service requires relevant factors and mechanisms. Business law changes according to the area wherein the law has been created. Therefore, an individual has to understand the area where the law has been created and the details of different kinds of laws have to be taken into account.

Case Studies

                Regarding business law, various kinds of case studies are taken into account. Regarding the case studies, one has to initially understand the area and the law applicable. On understanding the area of applicable law, it shall be easier for the person to find out how the tasks are to be performed for finding a solution to the business law. Overall, the law helps in performing the activities well and the achievement of goals.

Features of Business Law Case Study

                In the course of business law case study, one of the key areas to be considered includes the area regarding understanding how a case study is to be written. There are certain components of business law case study and the components do help in writing the case study effectively. Overall, the case study writing helps in finding out ways of doing the tasks properly and appropriately.

a.       People involved in the case: The first component in the case study is to identify the people who are involved in the case.

b.       Facts of the case: After identifying the people involved in the case, the next step is to find out the facts of the case. On finding out the facts of the case, one can find out the actual situation in the case.

c.       Laws applicable: In every case, certain laws shall be applicable. The laws shall help in analyzing the case. Based on the analysis, the actual position of both parties shall be determined.

d.       Findings and decisions: The final point in a case is the identification of findings and decisions of the case. Based on the findings and decisions, the person who is guilty, and the person who is not guilty are identified. It helps in making sure that, the overall activities are performed easily without any kind of issues arising to them.

Elements of a Contract

                Whenever business law is considered to be applicable, there is the existence of a contract. The contract has to be worked upon well. There are certain elements of a valid contract and discussion of the essential elements of a valid contract is necessarily required. With the help of the contract, it is easier to work on the activities well. The elements of an essential contract are discussed in the information given below.

a.       Offer and acceptance: For a contract to be a valid contract, the first activity is that there should be offer and acceptance. An individual should make an offer to another individual and based on the offer the other person shall be required to agree upon the offer.

b.       Legally competent to contract: The parties to the contract should be in the position to contract. The parties to the contract should be mentally sound. The parties should also have attained the age of majority.

c.       Free consent: Under the contract, there should not be an instance of coercion. The parties to the contract should have had carried out the tasks with free consent among themselves.

d.       Legal nature: The activities being carried out in the course of the contract should be legal. The contract should not be performed to carry out any kind of activity which is considered illegal.

Performance of Contract

                In a contract, there are two different categories regarding performance. The contract includes inferior performance and substantial performance. The inferior performance involves a substantial breach of a contract. This happens at the time when one party does not fulfill its contractual obligation. On the other hand, substantial performance involves the activity wherein, the performance of the contract is so near to actual performance that denying the payment is considered as unreasonable. In this situation, denying the payment to the party is not considered as appropriate. The people should make sure that they do not deny the payment to the other party when the performance of the contract has been almost completed.

Damages for Breach

                If the parties to the contract do not complete the terms and conditions of the contract effectively then, there are provisions of damages to be paid. The terms and conditions regarding the damages can be written in the contract. Writing these things in the contract shall help the people to make sure that they avoid any kinds of issues or problems. Moreover, the tasks shall be performed properly.  Writing a business case study is an important task and it should be performed properly so that, the overall operations are carried out in the best possible way by the parties to contract. 

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