Case Study on Vodafone

                Vodafone is one of the leading communication companies around the world. It has its activities carried out in a total of 27 countries and has collaborated in 35 countries around the world. The company has a total of 71000 employees working for it and it is also catering to the needs of 289 million customers around the world. The organization has interlinked its business strategy and corporate social responsibility. The company believes that it shall achieve long term business rewards only at the time when it is working sustainably for meeting its needs and requirements.


The approach of Vodafone to Business

                The approach of Vodafone towards business activities is twofold. How this organization is doing its business activities is being provided below.

a.       Providing product extension: The first activity carried out by Vodafone is it is looking forward to providing product extension. The organization is introducing new products and features in the new countries. Countries such as USA, UK, and Europe have sophisticated users who want to expect new functions from their mobiles. This organization has made sure that it works upon new technologies continuously. Currently, it is working upon 5G technology for providing high-speed experience to the users.

b.       Opportunities in Emerging markets: The organization is also looking for new opportunities in emerging markets. The emerging markets such as China, Brazil, and India have lots of customers. The organization shall likely have a high consumer base in these countries. Overall, the performance of the organization is also going to improve considerably with the help of having opportunities in emerging markets.


Strategy of Vodafone

                The organization carries out effective strategies in the course of performing its activities over a while. The strategies of the organization are in the course of product, place, price, and promotion. The details of the methods adopted by the organization in the course of these strategies are mentioned below. The organization has to work on the activities well and ensure that, its overall tasks are performed well for effectively doing the functioning so that, its performance improves. The strategies adopted by the organization are as under.

a.       Product: There are various products offered by the organization over some time. The products of this organization are of such kind that helps the customers to play games, send and receive pictures, make video calls, and do various other tasks that help it in performing its tasks effectively.

b.       Place: The operations of the organization are there in more than 30 countries. In the United Kingdom itself, the organization has a total of more than 300 stores. It makes sales of its products through independent retailers. The customers can see the products and accordingly make decisions towards buying the products.

c.       Price: The price of the products and services offered by the organization is reasonable and according to the industry standards. The prices of the services offered by the organization are available mainly on a monthly as well as a quarterly basis.

d.       Promotion: Other than promoting the products on television, the organization also makes use of social media for the promotion of its products. The organization uses a method of promotion that is used as a line promotion.


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