IKEA Case Study

Ikea is a furniture company which is founded in the year 1943 in Sweden. Ikea is an international brand which deals in home products retailer that sell furniture, bathroom accessories, and kitchen accessories in their different store in different cities of the world. Ikea provides flat-pack design furniture at reliable and low prices and is known as the worlds best furniture retailer in the world.

The company sells its all products by their 301 stores in 37 countries for many years. The company stabilized its name for the world one of the best furniture retail chains.


Objective of IKEA

To produce an affordable product for the customers, that helps to increase the value of the company.

Increase the living standard of people with cheap furniture products.

Provide the best range of products to company customers.

Vision of IKEA

The vision of IKEA is to create a better living for the peoples.

Mission of IKEA

Ikea mission is to provide a broad range of well-designed home furnishing product at an affordable price so every person can get the products easily


IKEA Company positioning IKEA make their position in the market to provide furniture at low and affordable prices.

Major issues and problems

This case study involves the issue face by the company to maintain the standard of the company product. The company faces the problem of a lack of product innovation and the same product design. Not enough manager for the store. Another issue related to the company is that they are not able to open the new store for their retail sales that impact the business of the company.  And other related factors faced by the company affecting the business of the company.

Opportunity and threats

The opportunity and threats related to the work and strategies adopted by the company to increase the business opportunity. Ikea work on product design, management training, and other factors to increase the business that information is covered by the experts in the case study help.

Ikea case study

A case study involves the different areas to study related to the company and strategies adopted by the company to solve the problem. The case study involves the study of these areas of the company to analyzing the performance of the company which include the

Cost strategies of the company

The companys objective is to provide the best prices to the customers so they can target the right segment audiences. How the company manages the cost of the product to target the audiences.

Product strategies

The company provides various range of home furnishing products with good design at low and affordable prices. That helps the company to become the worlds best furnishing retail store.

Promotion strategies

What type of promotion strategies adopted by the company for the advertisement campaign of the company, online selling of the product, and company after-sale services?

Market development strategies

Targeting a new segment audience and entering the new market with their products how companies enter different countries and how their revenue and sales are affected.


The macro-environment include all factor which affects the company and out of control of the company, this is also known as PESTLE analysis of the company political, economic, social, technical, environmental, and legal factors.

SWOT analysis

It analyses the strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat of the company which shows the different areas which are powerful and needs improvement for the better development of the company.



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