Nike Swot Pest Analysis Case Study




Nike is the world’s leading Sportswear Company which well known for athletic shoes and wear. Nike is a united America based sportswear company which was founded in the year 1964. The company headquarters located in Oregon. Blue ribbon sports founded Nike. Nike got its official name in the year 1970. Know its brand value is almost $33 billion. The slogan of the brand is just do it. Company servers worldwide with their different product range their business qualifies for the product is the best in the world. Nikes business model is development, global marketing, and design with its product and services. Nike product includes Nike running, Nike basketball, and Jordan brand.


Nike USP is to be the worlds largest manufacturer and seller of sportswear. Nike Inc. includes Converse, Hurley, and Jordan brands.




SWOT analysis includes studying different factors of the company that provide information about company position and opportunity. That helps to plan the right strategies for company development and growth. SWOT analysis includes strength, weakness, opportunity, and threats. That helps a brand to do all the long term and short term planning for overall company development.


SWOT analysis of the Nike case study




The organization is known as the world-leading sportswear brand because its strength is its product innovation. They are well known for their product innovation and design. They provide highly comfortable sportswear special shoes that make one of the worlds leading sportswear companies.




Nike is a company that is highly dependent on its footwear. Their production and marketing focus more on the footwears if compare to other products. Another weakness of the brand is they provide sportswear at high prices that affect their selling area. Nike always offers expensive products because they dont have a good customer base in Asian countries.




The most significant opportunity for the organization is to raise the online market and selling of the company that helps increase their brand value for every corner of the world. The India and China market is a new opportunity for the company. They can easily target the young audience for the products.




 We know that Nike is a company that is serving all over the world that why the competitor is one of the companys threats that affects their business and product high product price in the competition is one of the threats of the organization.


PESTLE analysis


PESTLE analysis is one of the essential parts of the case study that includes all the aspects that are out of control of the organization and can affect the organization. The organization cannot handle that type of element because it depends on the organizations outside environment. Pestle analysis study involves


PESTEL analysis of the Nike case study




Political aspects which can affect the business activity by the new rule and regulation for the business. And this type of international business organization face issue related to different country rules for the company.




Economic changes related to the new trade policy of the different countries and how various economic changes affect the company that has a high impact on the company producing and selling the various business and out of control for the company.




When a company does business in a different country, social and cultural changes, most affect the industry. It depends on the social class of the people if they accept the product and not. So the company is required to target the right audiences to sell their products.




Legal rules and regulations related to the company act in a different country. The power for the countrys taxation policy and how a company follows all the legal authorities to do the business at the international level.




Technology never stays constant every time it requires innovation and improvement; it depends on how they adopt the new technology for their operations. The automation industry changes are a part of the business, but how a company assumes it for the fastest development?




Environmental, which is out of the organization, is referred to as the changes in the environment. It is out of control and cannot predict how a company faces its challenges and what type of strategies are adopted to reduce the risk of its proper and effective planning.


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