Zara Case Study Swot Analysis


ZARA is one of the best clothing brands in the world. Today Zara serving all over the world with their outlets. Zara is a company which headquarters in Spain. Zara was founded in the year 1975 in Spain. The brand provides different categories of fashion products, including clothing, perfume, swimwear, shoes, and beauty products. Zara is well known for its best product design and quality of products.


Zara offers product rage for men, women, and kids. Its provides various products based on consumer trends and has an excellent store chain for their products all over the world. The company has one of the fastest supply chains for their stores and produces almost 450 million products every year. The company has 2270 stores all over the world. The revenue of the company is 18021 million euros. Zara is a company leading the fashion industry not only in Europe but across the globe. Zara has one parent company whose name is Inditex, which was founded in the year 1985.




SWOT analysis includes studying different factors of the company that provide information about company position and opportunity. That helps to plan the right strategies for company development and growth. SWOT analysis includes strength, weakness, opportunity, and threats. That helps a brand to do all the long term and short term planning for overall company development.


SWOT analysis of the Zara case study




The biggest strength of the Zara Company is its brand value. The company achieves a value of almost 11 billion dollars. And well known for their cloth all over the world. Year by Year Company gaining good brand value with their different product ranges.


Zara is expanding its business all over the world. That reason the company now operates stores across the globe with its 2270 store that the companys presence is the strength of the brand.


Product design is why customers go for the Zara brand. They regularly introduce the new style in the market for all types of fashion products.





Low promotion is the reason that cannot attract the customers of the different segments, and they lose the opportunity to attract new customers for their products. As we know, the promotion is the best way to attract customers.


They offer a wide range of collections that make customers shift for a competitor brand. They dont follow much stock of the product because introducing a new design impacts the customers.





The most significant opportunity for the organization is to raise the online market and selling of the company that helps increase their brand value for every corner of the world. The India and China market is a new opportunity for the company. They can easily target the young audience for the products.


The online market is the platform that helps them to expand their business and target the right audience according to the requirement.


Zara market camp is regularly increasing, which is the most significant opportunity to target the audience for a different segment.




Zara is a company that is serving all over the world that why the competitor is one of the companys threats that affects their business and product high product price in the competition is one of the threats of the organization. There are lots of brands that provide different products to their customers.


Low reach in the Asian country is another threat that affecting the business of the company. There are so many reasons that are affecting the company to reach the different areas of the country.


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