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According to Spanish philosopher Baltasar Gracian, it is being provided that, ability of an individual enhances with each assignment being carried out by him. The universities provide assignments to students for the purpose of ensuring that their academic skills, technical knowledge and writing style are being improved to a considerable level. There are certain issues which are being faced by the students in the course of performing their assignments. Online assignment help website does help the students to make sure that they are being in the position to identify the answers and work accordingly for the purpose of ensuring that, the solutions are being derived in the course of doing the tasks. There are certain things which are to be taken into consideration by students in the course of obtaining assignment help and working towards achievement of the same.

Meaning of Assignment

Assignment is the task given by a teacher to a student which is to be completed by the student outside the class. This is different in comparison to class work which is to be completed within the class hours. The aim of making sure that the person carries out the work in the course of enhancing his or her academic skills as well as technical knowledge along with development of academic prose style. This particular thing is going to help in doing the tasks well.

Types of USA Online Assignments Help

The work assignment is a generic term and it is being used for the purpose identifying various kinds of assignments.

a.       Essay: It is a kind of academic writing which is regarding argument of the student and it is being written in a structured manner.

b.      Dissertation / Thesis: It is a kind of long academic writing which is being prepared by the student for obtaining his degree in Phd.

c.       Research Paper: This is a kind of academic paper which is being written by a student for academic publication.

d.      Coursework: This is a kind of academic writing which is being prepared by the student for his undergraduate or graduate work.

e.       Term paper: This kind of academic writing is regarding writing on a specific topic which is being usually covered by a professor in college.

Steps in Assignment Writing

            Assignment writing could be a little bit tricky but when, it is being carried out in a correct way then, it can help the students to have higher level of benefits. There are certain things which are required to be taken into consideration by a student for the purpose of doing an assignment.

Selection of topic for assignment: At the time when, a person is being writing on a topic or essay he should consider three things before moving forward with selection of a particular topic.

a.       Consider the topic which is being given by the professor

b.      The topic should be relevant towards larger area of the research being carried out.

c.       Select a subject area which has not being researched much.

Researching for assignment topic: The person should ensure that, he has done proper research in the course of selection of the topic so that, the results regarding the topic are appropriate and there are no issues arising to him in the area of doing the tasks. The students who require online assignment help can make sure that they obtain the necessary help online. The research papers are being published online. There are certain research papers which are being available for the people for the purpose of studying the same online. The research papers are being provided as under.

·         JSTOR

·         Project MUSE

·         GoPubMed

·         ArXiv

·         Library Genius

Assignment Sample – An academic sample essay which responds in a university

            As university HR manager, it is being considered to be critical to ensure that, employees are being recruited in the workplace. The hiring process is being considered to be delicate as it has involvement of cost of training and hiring employees with soft skills for ensuring that, skills are being aligned with the description of the job being asked to be carried out by them.

Structuring an Assignment

            The online assignment helps providers work towards the area of ensuring that, well-structured assignments are being provided to the clients. If an assignment is well structured then, it helps the students to ensure that they provide details of the assignment in a proper and appropriate way. Four ways which can be used for ensuring that, the assignment is a well-structured assignment include the following ways.

a.       Three part Essay: It is essential for the essays to have at least three different parts. The parts being taken into consideration in the essay include introduction, body and conclusion. Usually the norm is to have a 3 part or a 5 part essay. If the essay is being based on science then, it could include hypothesis, experimental details and inference at the time of making the essay. In this particular case, environmental scanning and recommendations for the future are going to be taken into consideration which is going to help in working up the tasks in a proper and appropriate way without any issue or trouble arising.

b.      Introduction: Introduction is one of the crucial parts of the assignment. There are two different ways in which assignment can be written. The first style is deductive style wherein, the writer moves from general to specific. Next style is a functional style wherein, the writer moves from specific to general.

c.       Body: The main body of the assignment should provide instructions regarding the research findings

d.      Conclusion: Round of the discussion is being provided in the conclusion part.

Methods for Writing Assignment

            Another of the important area in the course of writing the assignment is the methods which are being used for the purpose of writing the assignment. There are various research methods which are being used for the purpose of assignment writing. In the case of art and humanities the research methods are being provided as common methods for the purpose of doing the tasks.

·         Interviews: One of the most preferred ways for learning the opinion of people is to find out their views about the subject

·         Observations: observation of the people in certain situations can help in making sure that, proper results are being generated

·         List of questions: It is essential that a list of questions is being identified which is likely to help in making sure that, proper answers are being generated by the person.

·         Analysis of the document: The analysis of historical documents is being used for the purpose of writing historical assignments.

Citation of Sources

            Citation includes acknowledgement of a source which is being used in the course of writing a particular assignment which is likely to be incorporated in two different ways. The ways include footnote and end notes. As a student, it is essential to ensure that, following methods are being used for the purpose of doing the tasks regarding citation and assignment writing.

Understanding purpose of citation

            There are certain formats which are being used in the course of following the citations. There are four different styles which are being used in the course of providing the citations.

a.       Harvard referencing style: Name of author and publication come with the text.

b.      Chicago referencing style: Name of author and publication details appear in footnotes and end notes

c.       APA: citations are provided at the end of the list

d.      MLA: author’s name and page number are simply being put in the text.

USA Online Assignment Help Sample

a.       Do not mix up the styles: If a person is being using one style of referencing then, another style of referencing should not be mixed up with it. Only one style of referencing should be put into for the purpose of doing the tasks regarding the reference related activities.

b.      Method of preparation of bibliography: Bibliography includes list of works and list of books which are being used for the purpose of carrying out the assignment in the course of working up the activities in a proper and appropriate way. There are two types of bibliographies which are being used by the people. The bibliographies include the following:

                                                                          i.      Enumerative bibliography: This is a kind of bibliography wherein the name of authors is being written in a tabular form.

                                                                        ii.      Descriptive bibliography: In this written essay, there is inclusion of only name of author but also other publication details

c.       Proof reading and copy-editing: The online assignment help experts also work towards insisting on the area of copy-editing as two of the most crucial tasks which the students can undertake for the purpose of ensuring that, the assignments are being carried out without any error. Proofreading helps in ensuring that, all the flaws in the assignment are being identified and accordingly proper tasks are being generated in the assignment. Copy editing is a format which is being used by the students to have improvement in the style of formatting, editing, style and accuracy of the text in a proper way.

Tips to proof read the assignment

a.       It is essential to ensure that, the assignment is being proofread after a period of 24 hours

b.      It is crucial to have hard copy of the assignment available for the purpose of ensuring that, proofreading is being available without any kind of trouble or issue arising.

c.       Ensuring that the assignment is being read backward

d.      Reading aloud can help in finding out the error in assignment

e.       Red pen should be used for highlighting the assignment.

Suggestions in case of copy-editing

a.       Try to ensure that, the text is being read without making changes in anything at the initial level.

b.      Ensuring that, grammatical note is being prepared

c.       Style of writing should be taken into consideration for writing the assignment in a positive way.

d.      The unnecessary portions should also be removed from the text being taken into consideration. It is also to be seen that whether the assignment is being following a particular pattern or not.

Tips for a well written assignment

1.      Understanding the topic in a clear manner

2.      Coherent structure is a kind of structure which is being best suited for the purpose of academic research based writing

3.      It is also crucial to ensure that, proper research is being carried out in the area of doing the working.

4.      The person should consider the style of citation as it is crucial to ensure that, style of citations are being taken into consideration in a proper and appropriate way without any issue arising.

5.      Bibliography would come in the last and it is the most crucial part of the assignment.

6.      It is to be ensured that, proofreading is being taken into consideration and this helps in making sure that, overall results are being carried out well without any kind of trouble or issue arising.

Challenges encountered by Students

a.       Language problem: There are students who are not from English background. These are the categories of students who tend to get into issues in terms of writing. English is the second language for the students from China and India therefore; these students do find it difficult to ensure that, overall tasks are being carried out by them in the area of doing the activities.

b.      College stress: The students do face lot of stress in the college therefore; it sometimes becomes difficult for them for the purpose of making sure that, proper results are being generated in the area of doing the tasks. Few of the primary reasons of college stress is lower grades and not having the opportunity to have knowledge of the subjects is one of the reasons due to which stress arises in college students.

c.       Expertise in subject: The students need to have expertise in the subject for ensuring that, the student’s works up the tasks well without any kind of issue arising. The assignments require expert knowledge and if such kind of knowledge is not available then, issues are definitely going to arise.

d.      Deadlines: Another reason of stress is the occurrence of deadlines. The students have to ensure that they follow the deadlines in a proper way as without submitting the assignments in time, the grades of the person are going to be at a lower level.

Reasons for obtaining expert Help

a.         Quality of assignment: The experts do help the students to ensure that the assignments are being carried out in a proper way and there are no flaws or loopholes being taken into consideration in the assignment.

b.      Expert help: The students can ask the experts for providing them help at any point of time which will help them to complete the assignment in an easy way without any issue arising to them.

c.       Improvement in grades: There is also improvement in the level of grades being obtained by the students.

d.      Deadlines are met: The students are in the position to meet the deadlines and make sure that, assignments are always being submitted on time.

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