Marketing Strategy

Check your client- Web site to find out if it discusses its business plans for now and in the future. This is often found in a public company- annual report. Private companies sometimes list their business activities under the “About Us” or “Newsroom” tabs on their Web sites.
Based on what you know about marketing, discuss the following:
•	Briefly explain your understanding of the basic concept of a marketing strategy to your colleagues in 2-3 sentences.
•	Discuss with your colleagues how you think research can help your selected company understand its brand- economic value in the marketplace.
•	Compare your client's brand “personality” to a friend or a character in a movie, book, or cartoon.  
o	How would you describe the brand relative to your friend or other character, and why?
o	Use a few adjectives to describe the brand- personality.
•	Add one thing that you think your company has not researched well about its brand.

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