Week 5 Individual

Interest Groups
1. Select one of the interest groups/organizations listed below.  Or, you may select a group not on the list, but email me for approval that it is a true interest group/organization. (If the group you chose is listed below, you do not need to email for approval).
•	AARP - American Association of Retired People
•	ACLU - American Civil Liberties Union
•	AFL-CIO - American Federation of Labor - Congress of Industrial Organizations
•	ABA - American Bar Association
•	American Conservative Union
•	American Farm Bureau
•	AIPAC - American Israel Public Affairs Committee
•	AMA - American Medical Association
•	ATLA - Association of Trial Lawyers of America
•	The Business Roundtable
•	Christian Coalition
•	Club for Growth
•	Council on American-Islamic Relations
•	Environmental Defense Fund
•	Family Research Council
•	Handgun Control, Inc.
•	Moveon.org
•	NAACP - National Association of Colored People
•	NAM - National Association of Manufacturers
•	NARAL - National Abortion Rights Action
•	NEA - National Education Association
•	National Resources Defense Council
•	NOW - National Organization of Women
•	NRA - National Rifle Association
•	PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
•	Public Citizen
•	Sierra Club
•	US Chamber of Commerce
2. Perform a web search to locate the group- web site. Also, perform a Google (http://news.google.com/) or Yahoo! (http://news.search.yahoo.com/news) news search for recent information about your group- activities. You can either type up your report as an essay or you can give your information in a bullet-point list. Make sure your paper answers all the questions. Separate your responses with two spaces between answers. 
1.	What is the group's website?
2.	What are the issues your group is concerned with?
3.	What actions does your group take to try to influence policy and the public agenda?
4.	Assess your group: What are its strengths and weaknesses? Back up what you say with specific examples demonstrating their effectiveness (or lack of effectiveness).
NOTE: Be sure to include the websites where you found your information.
Grading Criteria Assignments	Maximum Points
Meets or exceeds established assignment criteria	40
Demonstrates an understanding of lesson concepts	20
Clearly presents well-reasoned ideas and concepts	30
Uses correct punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling 	10
Total	100

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