Senators and House Representatives

Week 6 Discussion
Please review the following history of voting:
Note: There are two ways to navigate - one at the top of the presentation, one at the bottom.  Be sure to use both navigation techniques to see the entire presentation.
Which change in voting procedures did you find most significant?  Why?

Week 6 Individual 
Term Limits
Senators and House Representatives are directly elected by the citizens. They have no term limits.
The President is elected by the Electoral College.  The President has a two-term limit.
Some feel that term limits would be a good idea for all federally-elected officials.
Search the Internet for one opinion for each side - one that supports term limits, one that does not.  Write a three-paragraph paper:
•	Paragraph one: What are the arguments for term limits?
•	Paragraph two: What are the arguments against term limits?
•	Paragraph three: What is your opinion?  Which arguments did you find most convincing?
Be sure to include the web sites you used in your research and the dates you retrieved the information.
Grading Criteria Assignments	Maximum Points
Meets or exceeds established assignment criteria	40
Demonstrates an understanding of lesson concepts	20
Clearly presents well-reasoned ideas and concepts	30
Uses correct punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling  	10
Total	100

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