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    Human Capital

    Human capital is defined as anything intangible that makes a unit of labor more productive. Skills, specific knowledge, talents, attributes, experience, education, etc..
    Some examples that may help you see what I’m interested in
    I know how to program in SAS, a statistical software package. This knowledge is useful for any corporation or University, as well as any situation where statistical analysis is performed. Less than 50,000 people in this country know how to use this software package; a high wage can be earned using this human capital.
    I know how to cook. This human capital was accumulated in two ways; I learned how to cook from my mother and I spent 10 years cooking in restaurants. This human capital is useful in the restaurant industry and may have some value in any occupation that is related to food. Lots of people possess this human capital; a wage rate above the minimum wage is possible when utilizing this skill.
    I have beautiful hands, perfect for hand modeling. Only a few people in the world have hands as fine as mine. They are the result of DNA and an aversion for hard work. A high wage rate can be earned in any opportunity that takes photos of my hands.
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  1. Human capital is the capital which involves skills and abilities of an individual which makes unit o
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