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    Evolution of British Colonists

    use quote marks to identify the author.  When you do that you are basically passing off the work as your own (even if you include the reference/website, and there were no references included in any of your responses). You need to place quotation marks around passages that come from another source. Also, when posting a section from an internet source, make sure to give your own thoughts (interpretation) on it.
    Need One Paragraph on each questions, don’t forget to add quote and thoughts.
    Discussion Questions:
    How did the British colonists evolve from good citizens to revolutionaries who could compose and back something as special as the Declaration of Independence? What were the causes of the American Revolution?
    There were a number of reasons why American colonists decided to separate from England. We have already hinted at a few in the previous discussions. Do you find one cause more significant than the others?
    In a couple of weeks we will be talking about the South seceding from the union after the election of Abraham Lincoln. One of the arguments made by those who wanted to leave the union in 1861 concerned the idea of revolution. What the South was doing, according to the secessionists, was similar to what American revolutionaries did in 1776. What do you think of that? Compare and contrast the causes of the American Revolution with the secessionist activities of the South prior to the Civil War. Do you see any similarities between the two events?
    Describe the significance of the American Revolution to other countries of the world. Did the Revolution become a model for other nations seeking freedom?
    What were the main problems with the Articles of Confederation that led to the Constitutional Convention of 1787? How did the national government under the Constitution differ from the Articles of Confederation?
    How important was the Louisiana Purchase? Did this purchase present Jefferson with any constitutional or ideological problems?
    Describe Jeffersonian democracy and analyze how well it was used by President Thomas Jefferson.

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  1. At a time, American colonies under British were free from any kind of interference from Britain. The
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