America’s Transportation Revolution

use quote marks to identify the author.  When you do that you are basically passing off the work as your own (even if you include the reference/website, and there were no references included in any of your responses). You need to place quotation marks around passages that come from another source. Also, when posting a section from an internet source, make sure to give your own thoughts (interpretation) on it.
Need One Paragraph on each questions, don’t forget to add quote and thoughts.
Discussion Questions:
Discuss America- transportation revolution that took place during the first half of the 1800s, including the development of roads, canals, railroads, and steamboats. How did they contribute to the “market revolution?” Elaborate.

The "market revolution" was an important development in the history of the United States. Transportation, of course, would play a leading role. What political decisions would set the stage for this revolution?

Explain how industrialization changed America's urban areas during the early 1800s. Were these changes positive or negative?

Why did the Mexican War of 1846 take place? Was the war necessary? Was it a good thing? What does this war tell us about this period of American history? Was it God- plan that the U.S. extend from the Atlantic to the Pacific, or were imperialists looking for a way to defend what they planned to do anyway? Elaborate.

The Mexican War was opposed by many Americans after the fighting started. Why did intellectuals oppose the war?

How and when did Texas gain its independence, and how and when did it enter the Union?

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