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    PUBH 6640 Week 1 Discussion | Assignment Help | Walden University

    PUBH 6640 Week 1 Discussion | Assignment Help | Walden University 

    Discussion 1 - Module 1


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    Feasibility and Replicability

    Research is not a haphazard process that just happens. When conducting research, you have to plan, and there is a method for establishing this plan. Even though you are dealing with real problems in real communities, you need to step back and consider the best way to address the problem using rigorous methodology: identifying a problem, and formulating a feasible and scientifically rigorous response to that problem using research.

    Valid and rigorous scientific research first requires that a research study or intervention be feasible: Can you actually do the study or intervention with reasonable expense in a reasonable timeframe, given logistical and methodological concerns? The study or intervention must also be replicable: Would other researchers be able to replicate the study in other environments for continued research and/or to test or corroborate your methods and findings?

    To prepare for this Discussion, review the Project Proposal you completed in PUBH 6245 and reflect on the methodology you used to develop your project Premise. Ask yourself, Is my study feasible? Will I be able to reasonably complete this study? Will someone else be able to replicate my study in another environment or corroborate my methods and findings? Do I need to make any adjustments?

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