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    PUBH 6640 Week 1 Assignment Help | Walden University

    PUBH 6640 Week 1 Assignment Help | Walden University 

    Assignment: Applied Project: Community Health Program Plan Proposal

    For your Final Project in PUBH 6245, you developed a proposal for a community health intervention under the guidance of your preceptor. In this course, you will create a more in-depth and formal Applied Project that builds on that document. Before you begin your Applied Project, reflect on the feedback you received from your Instructor on your proposal from PUBH 6245, and any additional guidance you have received from your preceptor. Then, complete the following:

    The Assignment:

    ·         Submit your revised and updated Final Project: Proposal for a Community Health Intervention and Annotated Bibliography from PUBH 6245, including Instructor feedback from that course.

    ·         Briefly describe the important changes you made to your proposal and why. Explain how your proposal demonstrates competence in the Master’s of Public Health program outcomes using specific examples.

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