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    PUBH 6640 Week 2 Assignment Help 2 | Walden University

    PUBH 6640 Week 2 Assignment Help 2 | Walden University 

    Assignment 2: Applied Project Section 2: Literature Review and Needs and Assets Assessment


    In PUBH 6245, you created an Annotated Bibliography outlining research that addresses your Applied Project. For this assignment, you will use that Annotated Bibliography as the foundation for your Literature Review.

    By expanding on your Annotated Bibliography, you will assess what questions surrounding your selected topic have not yet been answered. Where is the field of public health in terms of the population you have identified and the question you are seeking to address? What are the unanswered questions?

    Once you identify the gap in the published literature of the particular problem you are exploring, the next or concurrent step is to perform a needs assessment. What are the needs of the agency and the community to address this problem? What assets are available, both internally in the organization and externally in the community, that can help you facilitate addressing this problem? As you develop your Applied Project, you will want to have a strong understanding of the needs of the agency and the assets available, both internally and externally, that can support your Project.

    The Assignment:

    Develop Section 2 (5–7 pages) of your Applied Project, which addresses the following:

    ·         Expand on the Annotated Bibliography from the Final Project of PUBH 6245, analyzing knowledge gaps in the literature. Include the following:

    o    10–15 recent (less than 3 years old) primary peer-reviewed research articles that support the topic of your proposal. Beyond the minimum primary research articles that directly relate to your identified topic, you may add additional, high-quality secondary literature, such as reviews or meta-analyses, and you may use websites if from a scholarly and relevant source (e.g., CDC, NCHS). Your sources must follow APA 6th edition formatting.

    o    For each research article, include a brief description of the study aim, the methods used, and the major findings. For each non-research source, provide a concise description of the relevant key points addressed in the source. Include in the annotation a brief description of how you plan to use each source.

    ·         Synthesize the literature on the needs, assets, and interventions pertaining to your Applied Project.

    ·         Describe how the resources reviewed provide a rationale for your proposed program or intervention, as well as how your project will help fill the knowledge gap and/or address the problem.


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