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    PUBH 6640 Week 3 Assignment Help 2 | Walden University

    PUBH 6640 Week 3 Assignment Help  2 | Walden University 


     Evaluation is an important component of the overall program. An intervention should not be developed or implemented without a sound evaluation plan in place. Progress and success of a project can only be documented when you have an evaluation plan. Evaluation enables accountability and helps to ensure program sustainability.

    The Assignment:

    Develop Section 3b (1–2 pages) of your Applied Project, which addresses the following:

    ·         Explain the type(s) of evaluation being proposed in your Applied Project (i.e., outcome or impact) and why this evaluation type is the most appropriate for your proposed community health intervention. Explain any ethical issues inherent in your methodology, and describe any formative, process, outcome and/or impact evaluation methods to be used.

    ·         Explain how the evaluation is aligned to project and program outcomes.


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  1. PUBH 6640 Week 3 Assignment Help 2 | Walden UniversityAssignment 2 AnsProject: Diabetes One Stop Sh
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