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    BUSI 313 Week 1 Course Requirement Check list | Liberty University

    • BUSI 313 Week 1 Course Requirement Checklist | Liberty University 
    • Question 1

    I have read the entire syllabus and understand that, by completing this course requirements checklist or any other assignment in Blackboard, I will no longer be able to "drop" this course. Completing this activity constitutes attendance, and I understand that if I am unable to continue attending, I must be withdrawn from the course. (If you are unsure about completing this assignment, you may exit the survey and contact Academic Advising at 855-466-9218.)?

    •  Question 2

    Have you read the information provided through the Student Expectations link?

    • Question 3

    This academic activity, in addition to reading the course syllabus, and the other course expectation documents, connects this course to the broader mission of the University. Because Liberty University develops Christ-centered men and women with the values, knowledge, and skills essential to impact the world, this course and the content you are now studying is designed to help educate men and women who will:

    • Question 4

    After reviewing the Academic Integrity presentation in the Student Expectations, do you acknowledge that you understand the content presented, intend to apply it in your own work, and understand the consequences of violating these basic standards of academic integrity?


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  1. BUSI 313 Week 1 Course Requirement Checklist | Liberty University I have read the entire sylla
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