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    MGT 448 ENTIRE COURSE | University Of Phoenix

    MGT 448 ENTIRE COURSE | University Of Phoenix 


    MGT 448 Week 1 Individual Assignment Globalization Questionnaire

    Use reference materials and appropriately cite them - using APA 6th Ed. style. The writing aids in the material forum are the standards by which you will be graded.
    In 1000-1500 words, prepare responses to the following questions using complete sentences, with proper headings, citations, written as a report/discussion about the topics (not as an essay test answering the questions only). Do not use first person in any report for this course:
    What is globalization? Describe at least three traditional international trade theories that support the concept of globalization.
    List the major drivers of globalization. Give three examples of each.
    Explain at least four effects of globalization that impact your community and your organization.
    Use APA format, references and insert the grading rubric at the end of the paper.

    MGT 448 Week 1 Discussion

    Discussion 1

    Is your current, or were your previous, company(ies) involved in international business? If yes, describe where and the nature of your experience with globalization. If no, briefly describe the potential opportunity for your business may have to globalize

    Discussion   2

    What are the some of the issues that lead to anti-globalization movement? (Think riots and protests at all IMF, WB, or G-20 meetings – Seattle). Select two and describe why you either agree or disagree with these opinions. Research with documentation required.

    Discussion   3

    Give us a profile of your state’s export activities. Examples: What percentage of your state’s economy is dependent on exports? Who are your trade partners? What are some of the products? What surprised you most and why? Cite your sources in APA format.

    MGT 448 Week 2 Individual Assignment Regional Integration for and Against Articles

    Select a country, region, and then choose a trading bloc (NAFTA, EU, ASEAN, etc.) within that region. Write two article analyses of 350- to 500-words for each section. Include one article in favor of regional integration and another article against regional integration. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of regional integration and relate the stage of economic development of the economically integrated region to potential business opportunities.
    Format: Use a Title page – Description of region selected, Pro argument with support, Con argument with support, compare economic development of the integrated region related to business opportunities and conclusion in an APA formatted single document.
    Insert the grading rubric at the end of the paper.

    MGT 448 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment Comprehensive Analysis Outline and Presentation

    Select a product and a country for a global business venture. Conduct a regional, country, and product analyses for your new global venture. Prepare a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper (Use the template provided.) and a 5- to 7-slide summary presentation illustrating the following:

    Region Analysis

    Regional alliances and economic integration
    Social, health, and cultural conditions
    Terrorism threats
    Technology status
    Economic conditions /Finance options available
    Environmental concerns/Physical environment and its affect on trade
    Political stability/climate
    Country Analysis

    Social, health, and cultural conditions
    Terrorism threats
    Technology status
    Economic conditions /Finance options available
    Environmental concerns/Physical environment and its affect on trade
    Political stability/climate

    Organization and product or service analysis

    Description of your organization
    Product needs assessment of the target country
    Description of product to meet the need
    Global Mission Statement

    Format your written paper consistent with APA guidelines. Use the template provided to assist with compliance of format and content.

    Submit Team evaluations – post in your Individual Forum.

    MGT 448 Week 2  Discussion  S

    Discussion  1
    Describe “think global act local” as a business strategy. Give examples of when it works and when it may fail.

    Discussion   2

    If free trade is intended to benefit nations why do nations restrict trade? Cite examples of “healthy” trade barriers.

    Discussion 3

    Describe some entry modes for a business going global. Give at least two examples of companies that have used each mode. Explain.

    MGT 448 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Country Risk and Strategic Planning Analysis Paper

    Prepare a 1,400- to 2,100-word paper in which you conduct a country risk analysis for your selected global business venture. Analyze the following risks in your paper:

    Political, legal, and regulatory risks
    Exchange and repatriation of funds risks
    Competitive risk assessment
    Taxation and double taxation risks
    Market risks (four Ps)
    Distribution and supply chain risks
    Physical and environmental challenges to entering and operating in a target market
    Social and cultural risks
    Cyber or technology

    Describe how you would manage these risks

    Summarize your strategic planning process:

    Redefine and clarify mission and objectives
    SWOTT analysis of target country
    Make strategy selection
    Select and justify an appropriate mode of entry for your global product or service
    Control and evaluation
    Devise contingency plan

    Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Use the template for Week 2 for best results.

    Submit team evaluations

    MGT 448 Week 3  Discussion  


    3 Discussion  .1 Expatriates’ allegiance is often called into question. According to “Serving Two Masters”, in the Sloan Management Review, 33(4) 61 (Black & Gregerson, 1992), there are four potential patterns. Describe two and tell us how they be managed to counterbalance lopsided allegiances? See also: See: Black, J. & Gregerson, H. (1999), The right way to manage expats. Harvard Business Review, 77(2) 52-63
    DQ 2

    A firm based in Washington State wants to export a shipload of finished lumber to the Philippines. The would-be importer cannot get sufficient credit from domestic sources to pay for the shipment but insists that the finished lumber can quickly be resold in the Philippines for a profit. Outline the steps the exporter should take to effect this or any export to the Philippines. What is the Harmonizing Code and Schedule B #?

    Discussion   3

    McDonald's was called "the poster boy for the proliferation of standardized global products" ( Hill, 2009, p. 436). They have however, also been a model for adaptation to local markets. What are some key learning points that apply to cultural acceptance and supply chain management as demonstrated by McDonald's? Go to their website and pick a country. Put the name of the country in the subject line of your response - so we do not duplicate. Tell us what country and what differences you found. Along the same vein, go to the same country at Culturegram in the library and share some cultural differences that you would need to consider if you were going to plan doing business in that country. Any surprises

    MGT 448 Week 4 Individual Assignment Planning a Trip

    Individual Assignment: Global Financing and Exchange Rate Mechanisms

    Foreign Travel Plan and Budget
    Task: Plan the Itinerary & estimate the cost of a business trip from your location to a foreign location (not Canada or Mexico or a country that pegs directly to the USD or uses the USD as their currency) for a 3-day meeting with a foreign partner or customer. (Note: transit time is not included in the 3 days) Although this trip is hypothetical, I expect that you would be able to pick up your plan and successfully execute your proposed itinerary. Your travel plan must be executable as you have written.
    1. Introduction: A brief description of the location, purpose, and the intended result of your proposed business trip.
    2. Door to Door Itinerary (a table or list describing departure all transit points from Home/ Business to airport, Airline/Flight Numbers, Departure /Arrival Times, local transportation, Lodging Location, meeting location, & return trip home)
    3. Itemized Budget for all trip Costs in $US and Local Currency based on where the specific currency is calculated/used (Travel to Airport, Parking, Airfare, hotel, local transportation, food, etc). A spreadsheet, table or an Itemized list of Daily Costs is required so "Package Deals" are not acceptable. Calculate final Total Costs in $US (be sure to specify Exchange rate used).
    4. Identify Travel Documentation required by US & Destination Governments.
    5. Describe cultural norms for business practices, meetings and having dinner at the home of a colleague from the host country.
    > Potential information Sources: www.State.GOV, CountryWatch, Culturegram (Use the library).

    Format your paper according to APA standards. A spreadsheet may be used for the budget preparation but put it in the paper, not as a separate attachment. Insert the grading rubric at the end of the paper.

    MGT 448 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Financial Plan

    Describe the methods you will use to price and finance your global venture. Go tohttp://export.gov/finance/ as a starting point. Include options for financing your venture and why you made your choice. Include the method and rationale for establishing price of your products/services, margins, and methods to receive payment from foreign customers. Identify and weigh the risks you may encounter in the process of arranging and implementing your pricing/payment plan. This site is also very useful – go to Financial considerations list. The tutorials are excellent.http://globaledge.msu.edu/Reference-Desk/Export-Tutorials

    Use APA format, references and insert the grading rubric at the end of the paper.

    Add Rubric to paper – no template provided

    Submit Team Evaluation

    MGT 448 Week 4  Discussion  

    Discussion 1

    In the news recently, there has been a great deal of talk about the subject of the valuation of the renminbi (yuan). What is all the fuss about and how does it impact the US and Chinese trade? Include a referenced article(s) used to formulate your response.

    Discussion   2

    Read the Li & Fung Chapter 16 on pages 562-564 of the Print edition of your text . What role does Li & Fung play for their customers? They manufacture nothing yet they are currently responsible for over $8 billion in garments and consumer goods (toys, footwear & much more). Note: a visit to their website might be insightful. What do you find most interesting about their role in a "flat" world? Give examples - there are many current articles about this company in the library.

    Discussion   3

    What actions can a firm take to minimize its global tax liability? On ethical grounds, can such actions be justified?

    MGT 448 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment Global Business Plan Paper and Presentation

    Prepare a 7,000- to 8,750-word paper integrating your previous Learning Team assignments to include the following new material:

    Summarize your findings from previous Learning Team assignments, integrating prior feedback.

    Include the rationale for selecting your target country. Refer to your Learning Team Country Risk Analysis for highlights.

    Determine the marketing mix specific to your selected global product or service and explain your choice of marketing mix. Prepare a marketing plan that addresses product modification, pricing, promotional programs, distribution channels, and e-business in your chosen country. Include market indicators and trends for your product or service.

    Operational plan must include supply chain issues, IT, R&D plus legal and ethical challenges you will face in the country.

    Prepare a financial overview for your global venture. Include a chart that represents the general budget for your global venture. Explain how your company deals with foreign exchange risk for your global operation.

    Identify potential domestic and international sources of financing for your global venture. Include at least two possible financial institutions within your chosen region.

    Describe the degree to which your organization operates as a centralized versus decentralized organization. Include a chain of command chart to illustrate how communications would reach senior management from the field when events necessitate changes in tactics or strategy.

    Describe contemporary trends that may impact your company in the future.

    What types of exit strategies would be most appropriate for your global venture? Some strategies to consider include divestiture of assets, handing over to a joint venture partner, diversification, shutting down operation, and contingencies for your global venture.

    Based on your findings, make final recommendations about the feasibility of this global venture. Would you recommend proceeding with this global venture? Explain why or why not.

    Prepare no more than 10 slides (Title and References do not count) to be presented to management that supports your recommendation. See Final Rubric for evaluation criteria for the presentation.

    MGT 448 Week 5  Discussion  

    Discussion 1

    Are U. S. ethical standards applicable worldwide? Explain your answer and provide examples. What are the consequences of failure to incorporate ethical considerations into global planning?

    Discussion  2

    Describe one exit strategy an organization may use when things go wrong in a foreign country. What are some of the issues that might prompt the implementation of an exit strategy? Summarize the affect of an exit strategy on the strategic planning for a global organization

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