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    Feldman Method Critique

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    26 Feb 2019

    Assignment: 35 points total

    Part 1 (35 points)

    1. Write a 400 to 600-word critique (in essay form) of the painting above using the four-part Feldman Method. Format your paper with double spaced 12 point Times New Roman font and 1” margins. Use the terminology learned from the modules to date (make sure to include a discussion of the elements of art and principles of design). Also, make sure to proofread your paper—watch for grammar, spelling, and organization. Save your paper in doc, docx, or pdf form and submit your paper to this assignment (3.8 Assignment: Part 1), make sure it is submitted by SATURDAY at 11:59

    *This part of the assignment will be graded on a complete/incomplete scale. In order to receive points, I have given you a Feldman outline below to help you. Make sure you address specific elements of art and principles of design, follow the outline, read up on the Feldman Method, and address each of the different steps. Critiques which do not follow the steps, or copy and paste from the internet will receive "incomplete" status and will receive minimal points and asked to resubmit. 


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          Identify/Describe- (title, artist, historical context, objective description of piece)

          Analyze- (objective discussion of the different elements and principles found within the piece, addresses at least 6 different elements and/or principles)


          Interpret- (semi-subjective discussion on your interpretation of the piece and why, what does this piece mean, what is the artist trying to communicate?)


          Make Judgment- (subjective judgment about the piece, how do you feel about it, why is this painting important, what strikes you about this piece etc.) 


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