MGT 380 Week 1 Quiz | Assignment Help | Ashford University

MGT 380 Week 1 Quiz | Assignment Help | Ashford University 

Question 1


June sees herself as able to control and predict what happens to her. What term best describes this characteristic of June?


Question 2


John wants to develop a culture based on trust and open communication within his workgroup, but the company’s overarching culture has caused employees to be doubtful of new initiatives and ideas. John is struggling with managing due to issues with the organization’s _____.


Question 3


City High School recently underwent a major turnaround in scores and culture. Driven by a very top-down, task-oriented, authoritarian principal, the test scores skyrocketed, but the teachers are feeling alienated and undervalued. If the school wants to change the current teachers’ environments, then the next principal appointed by the school board should be:


Question 4


On the first day of class, Professor Oliver always outlines the strict format and assignment expectations, and she enforces rules regarding food, drinks, and tardiness. As the semester progresses, Professor Oliver tends to relax the rules, showing concern for learning details about her students and their careers. Which of the following statements best depicts Professor Oliver’s behavior?


Question 5


Jolie has an engineering degree from a top-tier university. Which of the following best describes Jolie’s education and development needs?


Question 6


Which of the following statements best captures common beliefs about personality and its role in understanding leadership?


Question 7


Jane is participating in a training program that encourages members of a team to learn and consistently apply guidelines for conflict and negotiation. The training program is focused on developing _____.


Question 8


In studying leadership theory, Jack understands that followers and leaders have important relationships, and these relationships evolve over time. However, Jack also recognizes the importance of hierarchy and power, causing some followers to be in “out-groups.” Jack understands leadership from which of the stages of leadership theory?


Question 9


Sherry is known for being very task oriented in her approach to managing subordinates. Which of the following statements is NOT likely to describe Sherry?


Question 10


Which of the following captures the meaning of the management strategy described with the acronym ROWE?



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