MGT 380 Week 3 Quiz | Ashford University

MGT 380 Week 3 Quiz | Ashford University 

Week 3 Quiz


Question 1


Alan was recently promoted to CEO of an organization. He communicates very well when he needs to control, schedule, correct, and direct daily processes, but his employees consistently report that they are unsure of his vision and strategy. Alan needs training in which of the following areas?


Question 2


While on a business trip, Tim noticed that employees at the company he visited became nervous when he discussed a risky venture, and they deferred decisions to the highest-ranking person in the room. Which cultural dimensions best capture the company Tim visited?


Question 3


Marie consistently gets annoyed when her employees discuss the need for work-life balance, and she does not see a need to invest in organizational culture initiatives. Which of the cultural dimensions best explains Marie’s perspective?


Question 4


Fran recognizes that the doctors under her supervision have developed competing subcultures. Which of the following actions should Fran take in order to align the subcultures?


Question 5


Which of the following is NOT a communication recommendation for someone whose introversion makes communication difficult?


Question 6


Will is the founder of a startup. While he wants employees to be creative when meeting client needs, he also gets frustrated when they fail to follow communication protocols, like how to structure an email. Will’s struggle is most aligned with which of the following communication models?


Question 7


Jeff recognizes that his predecessor caused mistrust and miscommunication among employees. As a result, he wants to invest significant time and money into training employees to communicate in a way to reverse the feelings of mistrust and miscommunication. Which of the following communication models should Jeff emphasize in employee training?


Question 8


Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding the relationship between diversity and organizational outcomes?


Question 9


Xi is motivated by individual incentives and typically does not consider his extended family when making decisions about his career. Xi likely hails from which of the following cultural descriptions?


Question 10


As CEO of his company, Marcel thinks that it is important to hire people of diverse backgrounds, although he also has a preference for people with cultural backgrounds similar to his own. Marcel is most likely at what stage of intercultural awareness?



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