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    ETHC 232 Week 8 Discussion | Assignment Help | Devry University

    ETHC 232 Week 8 Discussion | Assignment Help | Devry University 

    Week 8 Discussion

    Week 8: Ethical Dilemma Project - Presentation and Peer Feedback

    Your assignment this week is to create a 4 to 5-minute presentation based on your ethical dilemma essay. It should consist of approximately five well designed, informative, and engaging slides. You will record audio and visual commentary to go along with the presentation using Voice Thread or another resource of your choosing.

    The presentation should contain the following:

    • A title slide
    • Slides discussing the ethical dilemma and possible solutions
    • References slide. Sources must be cited and documented using APA style (see the Syllabus for more details)

    You will be graded on your demonstrated understanding of the ethical dilemma, overall slide quality (visual appeal, grammatical correctness, accuracy), and overall audiovisual presentation quality (clear voice, smooth delivery).

    To earn full credit, post your presentation to the discussion area by Wednesday, and make comments to the presentations of at least two other student.

    Please refer to the Ethical Dilemma Project Overview in Introduction and Resources for details.


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  1. ETHC 232 Week 8 Discussion | Assignment Help | Devry University Week 8
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