The paper should be between 3-5 pages (but no more than 5 pages), not including the title page and references. Strict APA formatting and spelling are expected. Use resources provided to correctly format your paper. Read your paper out loud before you submit!
The paper should include:

Summary of the selected theory. Focus on the main concepts of the theory in this summary. (Look at several journal articles for succinct descriptions of your selected theory - also look at the diagram of the theory to make sure that you have included the main concepts.)
Example of use of selected theory in a nursing research journal article. (In the journal article the theory was used as a framework to conduct the study.) (Describe only the  concepts of the theory that were used, what did the concepts of the theory relate to, and how were they measured? You may need to look at a few journal articles for one where this is well described.)
Example of how the selected theory can be used in your practice.
References - minimum of three.
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