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Hardware/Software Setup Required Problem Description:
 The use of virtualization has increased the capacity of organizations’ data centers allowing them to provide many more services to their users. You work for an organization with over 300 physical servers. They have begun a virtualization project, and they have picked both the hardware and virtualization platform. The organization has primarily Windows servers and as part of this project will be moving from direct attached storage to an iSCSI-based storage area network. 

Using your knowledge of virtualization security, answer the following questions: Each answer should be at least 325 words

1. How will the organization ensure that communication between guests remains under control? 
2. What concerns, if any, should the organization have in the placement of the newly virtualized servers? That is, should the organization use some type of classification scheme to keep servers segregated from one another?
3. The organization does not have a patch management system in place. Does the lack of such a system put the organization at a greater risk in the virtualization project? Please explain your answer.
4. Briefly explain if you believe that the organization’s shift from direct attached storage to a storage area network has improved the organization’s ability to keep systems available. 

 Make sure to include a Cover page, Table of Contents, Abstract, and Resources page.  All assignments should be properly formatted using APA.  The 3-5 page requirement does not include these additional pages.
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