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    POL 110 Week 8 Exam 2 | Assignment Help | Quiz | Strayer University

    POL 110 Week 8 Exam 2 | Assignment Help | Quiz | Strayer University 

    Question 1

    According to the text, African Americans are


    Question 2


    During the 2010 midterm elections, more than half of all Americans used __________ to get political news about the elections.



    Question 3


    Alexander Hamilton led the creation of what newspaper?



    Question 4


    The United States has a long tradition of media that are



    Question 5


    The __________ is responsible for licensing radio and television stations.




    Question 6


    Many strong social movements in the United States (for example, the antiwar movement of the late 1960s) never produced a significant third party. One reason is that




    Question 7


    During the 2012 election cycle, the presidential candidates raised ____, and the political parties raised ____.




    Question 8


    African Americans largely shifted towards what party after the New Deal?



    Question 9


    The __________ manages the day-to-day work of the party.





    Question 10


    Scholars refer to a period when a major, lasting shift occurs in the popular coalition supporting one or both parties as



    Question 11

    In most European nations, voter registration is



    Question 12

    What constitutional amendment extended voter eligibility to those over 18?



    Question 13


    More religious people tend to participate more in politics because of _____.



    Question 14


    Who used an upset victory in the Iowa caucuses to seize momentum and eventually claim the presidential nomination?



    Question 15

    What is the term used to describe a two-chamber legislative body?



    Question 16

    The typical member of Congress is a(n)


    Question 17


    When amendments are added to a bill on matters that are unrelated to the bill, these are called



    Question 18


    Which of the following forms of voting involves shouting "aye" or "no"?



    Question 19


    The _________ privilege allows members of Congress to send mail to their constituents for free.



    Question 20


    Originally, members of the Senate were selected by



    Question 21


    Where is the real work of Congress done?



    Question 22

    A concurrent resolution passed by Congress seeks to



    Question 23

    In 1995, the 104th Congress passed a bill that obliges Congress to obey 11 important laws governing things, including all of the following EXCEPT



    Question 24

    Under the original U.S. Constitution, members of the House, unlike members of the Senate, were selected by



    Question 25

    A bill can be introduced in Congress by



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  1. POL 110 Week 8 Exam 2 | Assignment Help | Quiz | Strayer University
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