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    POL 110 Week 11 Exam 3 | Assignment Help | Quiz | Strayer University

    POL 110 Week 11 Exam 3 | Assignment Help | Quiz | Strayer University 

    Question 1

    Typically, senior White House staff members are drawn from the ranks of


    Question 2

    George Washington limited himself to two terms, and no president served more until


    Question 3

    The electoral college provides for each state to cast _____ electoral vote(s) for each senator and representative it has.


    Question 4

    When one political party controls the White House and another party controls the legislature, it is an example of _____ government.


    Question 5


    If a president has a particular attitude about how a piece of legislation might be implemented, he/she might issue a(n)


    Question 6

    In Great Britain, civil servants are directed explicitly by the ministers in charge of their departments. In the United States, civil servants often must obey both the heads of their agencies and


    Question 7

    A person appointed to a government position after passing an examination is probably joining the


    Question 8


    The definition of bureaucracy includes all of the following notions EXCEPT



    Question 9

    Today, the federal government contains how many cabinet departments?


    Question 10

    The effect of a legislative veto was to

    Question 11

    One unintended consequence of the Supreme Court's heavy caseload is an increase in the influence wielded by


    Question 12

    Under the doctrine of sovereign immunity, a citizen cannot


    Question 13

    Studies have shown the ideology of judges



    Question 14

    One basic difference between a constitutional court and a legislative court is that


    Question 15


    The authors suggest the chief motive for using the litmus test involves a judicial nominee's views on


    Question 16

    In the United States, there is polarization in ____ but not ____ about global warming.



    Question 17

    In 2015, about __________ Americans received Social Security benefits.



    Question 18

    Which of the following is NOT true about AFDC?



    Question 19

    A plant or animal is classified as _____ by the U.S. government when it is likely to become extinct unless it receives special protection.



    Question 20

    The early environmental movement was launched, in part, in reaction to



    Question 21


    The constitutional power to declare war and to regulate commerce with other nations is vested in


    Question 22

    When legal issues have arisen out of foreign policy disputes between the president and Congress, the Supreme Court has generally


    Question 23


    When Bill Clinton came into office in 1992, his foreign policy advisers were drawn from the ranks of those who believed in


    Question 24

    When describing how well the American public is informed on foreign affairs, it is accurate to say



    Question 25

    In 2011, female personnel accounted for approximately _________ of the armed forces.


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