The brief is to write a 2,500 word management report.
· Drawing upon relevant theory from the module, critically discuss the main approaches to leadership and performance
· By using examples of specific organisations critically analyse the leadership behaviours observed and approaches used, and assess the link between leadership performance and organisational performance
· Drawing upon relevant concepts, theories and models from the module, evaluate your own leadership skills highlighting where further development may be necessary. Include any sources of feedback such as annual appraisals or self-assessment activities
· Include an implementation plan for your future development needs in relation to leadership skills. Ensure you consider the following: timescales; level of feasibility (e.g. how deeply ingrained is a particular behaviour?); potential facilitators (e.g. having a mentor); and, potential barriers and how these might be addressed (e.g. lack of sponsorship); how any development solution will be evaluated.
The implementation plan may include initiative based on informal learning (e.g. informal coaching, learning from colleagues etc) as well as formal learning (e.g. company workshops, formal coaching and mentoring, sponsoring education courses such as the MBA).
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