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Assume your organization sells cars and there are 5 models of cars. The company sells all over the United States and so the organization is broken down into regions of the country which include East, West and Central. Further, each region has multiple dealerships that sells cars and each dealership has many salespeople. If you wanted to find total sales for the company or a region you could simply query the database. Because this data is made up of multiple facets (different models of cars, different regions, different dealerships, different sale people), if you want to delve further into analyzing the data, such as comparing dealership sales and within region by model, you would need to look at these different aspects of the data for comparison. Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) is a concept used just for this purpose.
Initial Post Instructions
In your initial post explain the concept of OLAP. Summarize an example of a dataset that could be used for OLAP (different from the examples shared in the introduction and from those of your classmates). Compare and contrast OLAP to database querying. Explain the benefits of using OLAP to analyze data for the example you’ve presented. Last, expand on how PivotTables and PivotCharts fit the mode of being an OLAP tool.
Writing Requirements

Initial post 350 words
Cite 2 different sources in initial post
Secondary posts 250 words
Adhere to all common elements in the Discussion and Written Assignment Expectations.
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