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    COMM 301 Week 7 Assignment Help | Canvas University

    COMM 301 Week 7 Assignment Help | Canvas University 



    Informative Outline


    You must upload your final outline AND sources with validation to this submission folder. 

    Speaking outlines should provide just enough information to ensure smooth delivery. 
    It should not compel you to look down too often during your speech!  

    Each outline must have the general purpose, specific purpose, central idea (thesis statement) and organizational pattern.  Make sure you include your sources with validations at the end of your outline!

    When speakers are at the podium (for online students - this would be a table or something you place your outline on), outlines must be in a binder (three hole punch and in the rings of the binder:-) , on 8.5 x 11 paper, typed and should use large font. - NO 3x5 cards or anything that looks or acts like 3x5 cards (keep this professional!) :-)


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  1. COMM 301 Week 7 Assignment Help | Canvas University Everyone should endure good health, right? Not just your physical health but also your mental health.
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