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ECON 304 Week 5 Assignment Help |  Homework Help | Canvas University 

Homework for Module Five - Activity One

·         Review the Module Five Homework Activities tab found in Module Five - complete each homework assignment, once you have completed the homework assignment, open the homework two quiz and take the quiz, this quiz basically moves your answers from the activity sheet into Module Five Homework Quiz for grading. You have two attempts at this quiz, if you miss homework problems review them and re-work the problem to find the correct answer and retake the Module Five Homework Quiz to improve your score.

Homework for Module Five - Activity Two

      Create your notes for Module Five using the terms found in Definitions and Concepts and place them in the dropbox provided - 10 points

Please define the following terms and put them in the dropbox.


excise tax


income tax

sales tax

flat tax

progressive tax

regressive tax

proportional tax

lump sum tax

marginal tax

average tax rate

tax bracket

public good

private good

payroll tax

corporate tax

estate tax

property tax

two principles of taxation




non rivalrous


social costs

social benefits

common resources

club goods

the tragedy of the commons

the free rider problem

market failures




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