ECON 304 Week 6 Assignment Help | Homework Help | Canvas University

ECON 304 Week 6 Assignment Help | Homework Help | Canvas University 

Readings for Module Six and Riew Materials for Module Six 

Read the Module Six Power Point

Review Lesson Five on the BYU Open Source Econ Site - Link to BYU Open Source Econ Web Site (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Homework for Module Six - Activity One

·         Review the Module Six Homework Activities tab found in Module Six - complete each homework assignment, once you have completed the homework assignment, open the homework two quiz and take the quiz, this quiz basically moves your answers from the activity sheet into D2L for grading. You have two attempts at this quiz, if you miss homework problems review them and re-work the problem to find the correct answer and retake the Module Six Homework Quiz to improve your score.

Homework for Module Six - Activity Two

Create your notes for Module Six using the terms found in Definitions and Concepts and place them in the dropbox provided - 10 points - 

Define the following terms and put them in the Module Six Notes dropbox:

total cost

variable cost

fixed cost

accounting profit

economic profit

marginal cost

average total cost

average variable cost

average fixed cost

the role of the firm

transaction costs

the production process

long and short run decisions

the production function

the law of diminishing marginal productivity

total cost curves

marginal cost curves

variable cost curves

fixed cost curves

the relationship between productivity and costs

the relationship between marginal and average costs


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