CIS 532 Week 6 Assignment Help | University Of Phoenix

CIS 532 Week 6 Assignment Help | University Of Phoenix 

Week 6 Individual Signature Assignment: Management Methodology Interview Article 

In this assignment, you will learn more about management methodology by interviewing a CIO or other IT leader and writing an article. Be sure to arrange for the interview and prepare your questions in advance so you are able to write your article. Review the grading rubric for detailed information on grading criteria.


Interview a CIO or IT leader.

Write 8 to 10 questions to ask about improving organizational culture; organizational maturity; the IT team; and relationship development between the IT team and other areas of the organization, including finance, marketing, and operations.

Write a 1.5-page article that could be published in a trade magazine summarizing your interview and what you learned.

Review the grading rubric for more detail about the assignment requirements.

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