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    COMM 301 Week 12 Assignment Help 1 | Canvas University

    COMM 301 Week 12 Assignment Help 1 | Canvas University 

    I.       The TV has been one of the most important platforms for the content creators to display their content in the past. The recent past years have                    changed the trend.

    II.     Every show aired on TV is published on the basis of its demand. If the demand is high, it will be continuously aired and its sequels will be made

                 While if the demand is low, the show may be discontinued. The question is how the demand is measured?

    III. This battle of rating has destroyed the actual and genuine soul of the content. The   content has different types and the demand of the content                 varies according to the type.

    IV.   The channels are publishing foolish news which may be getting them ratings, but this news has been destroying the authenticity and                                 seriousness of such a sensitive field. The fake news has become so normal that people do not even bother them now

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  1. COMM 301 Week 12 Assignment Help 1 | Canvas UniversityTV has now been replaced by other media publishing platforms. This includes YouTube, Netflix, etc.
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