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HIS 381 Week 6 Discussion | Assignment Help | Wilmington University

Week 6 Discussion Board- Do Part One

These weekly discussion boards form the basis of the weekly instruction and interaction in class.  Every week, all students will post information about three articles that they read on the weekly topic. This week, it's Ethics, Culture, and Values.  DISCUSSION BOARD= You will see a link in which you are to choose three articles to read (this week’s topic is Ethics, Culture, and Values). They are in the link entitled “Readings and Resources”. Give the full reference for the articles (not just a web address) and for each one summarize the main idea in 3-5 sentences followed by a 3-5 sentence reaction (see example on Canvas). Use Sub-titles that clearly say: “Summary” and then “Reaction” each time. Do not let them run together. Give one in-text citation for something that stood out (but NO QUOTES- they take up space). Avoid opinionated articles and editorials.  Then, you must respond to another student’s reaction after reading an article they referenced in 75 words minimum- what you liked and why or did not like and why/ what you agreed with the other student or not and why/ etc. 


Your initial post of three articles will have the following format:

·         APA References entry (the full entry that includes author, date, etc.)

o    Please look at The Student Success Center's Research, Plagiarism, and APA Resources  for help. You'll find a quick style guide and paper templates.


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