ASB 4530 Global Brand Management | Bangor University

ASB 4530 Global Brand Management | Bangor University

ASB-4530 Global Brand Management

Answer any TWO questions



Q1. Outline the concept of customer-based brand equity and discuss the ways in which customer-based brand equity can be built. [1,000 word limit].




Q2. Discuss how advertising and promotion may contribute to building brand equity. [1,000 word limit].





Q3. Discuss the brand personality framework (Aaker, 1997) and provide an example of each dimension. What are the main criticisms of Aaker’s (1997) brand personality framework and how has more recent research addressed these criticisms? [1,000 word limit].





Q4. Discuss the use of celebrity endorsement for leveraging secondary brand associations to build brand equity. Provide ONE example of the successful use of celebrity endorsement to build brand equity and ONE example of where celebrity endorsement proved to be a risk to the brand’s brand equity. [1,000 word limit].





Q5. Outline the 5 different strategic experiential modules (Schmitt, 1999). Discuss how brands may use these strategic experiential modules to build brand equity. [1,000 word limit].


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