SOC 3210 Week 4 Discussion 1 | Assignment Help | Baker College

SOC 3210 Week 4 Discussion 1 | Assignment Help | Baker College

Module 4 Getting Started on Your Research (Thread One of Four Required)

Dr. Bryant:  Everyone has been approved for a topic for the Module 8 assignment by now.   Please take some time to locate at least one full-text, peer reviewed, scholarly journal article this week. Read the entire article; not just the abstract.  Share the following with us in your post here:   Summarize the intent of the article. What type of research was completed? What were the findings?   What do we now know about your group that we did not before this research?  Be sure to cite the article in-text AND in an alphabetized reference list.   Do not forget to include page numbers in the in-text citations (Author Last Name, Year, p. ) or (Author Last Name, Year, pp. ).   

You are not required to follow up to anyone on this thread. Please look for my feedback on your source selection. 

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