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SOC 3210 Week 4 Discussion 3 | Assignment Help | Baker College

Module 4 Latinos and Identity - Why Labels Do Not Fit (Three of Four Required)


Here is a short video that addresses how Latinos see themselves based on the Pew Hispanic Research (ES Video Productions LLC, 2012).

Additionally, the study that is referred to in the video is attached below to complement the video (Taylor, Lopez, Martinez, & Velasco, 2012). Based on the information from the course material, the video, the study and other scholarly sources you may find, summarize in your own words what characteristics divide and unite Latinos? Why is language so important to Hispanics and Latinos?  Be sure to cite your sources in-text and in an alphabetized reference list.  Be sure to follow up thoughtfully to at least one classmate. 


ES Video Productions LLC. (2012). Latinos and identity: Why labels don’t fit [video]. YouTube. Retrieved from



Taylor, P., Lopez, M.H., Martinez, J. & Velasco, G. (2012, April 4). When labels don’t fit: Hispanics and their views of identity [PDF]. Pew Hispanic Center. Retrieved from


*If this link does not work, just type in the article title and it will lead you to the correct source.  Please cite as listed above. 


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