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SOC 3210 Week 5 Discussion 2 | Assignment Help | Baker College

Module 5 Discussion Thread 2 (of 3) Stopping Muslim Discrimination


Dr. Bryant:   Watch the following video (MrEthzxz, 2010).  Apply and explain (no definitions) three concepts we have discussed during the course of the term to characterize the behavior of the clerk and customers agreeing with the clerk. Be specific in describing each concept in your own words and explain how it applies to what you observed in the video. We are looking for some excellent critical thinking in applying the course material (text book AND video) to this actual situation. No direct quotes; summarize scholarly information into YOUR own words and cite. Include page numbers when citing the book.  Remember to cite in-text and in an alphabetized reference list according to APA guidelines.    

THEN, make at least one substantive reply to a classmate on this topic. 


MrEthzxz. (2010). abcNEWS: Would you stop Muslim discrimination? [video]. YouTube. Retrieved from abcNEWS Would You Stop Muslim Discrimination ? 


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