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SOC 3210 Week 6 Discussion 1 | Assignment Help | Baker College

Module 6 Discussion Forum Thread 1 (of 3) Internment: Two views


Here are two short videos about internment camps from two viewpoints. It is interesting that this incident in history is rarely reported. Briefly summarize (and cite the videos) the government’s reasons for the internment camps. Do you agree with the government’s reason for internment camps? Why do you think the government took this extraordinary step? Why was this such an exceptional decision to place Japanese Americans in internment camps? Be sure to follow up with at least one classmate as well.  


B. (2007). WWII: Japanese internment camps in the U.S. [video]. Youtube. Retrieved from 


Portlandwas. (2006). Japanese relocation: 1942 [video]. Youtube. Retrieved from

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