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SOC 3210 Week 7 Discussion 2 | Assignment Help | Baker College

Module 7 Thread 2 (of 3) Tough Guise


Although this week’s chapter discusses women as an oppressed minority, it is also important to view the socialization of men and how that affects their interactions with women.   Check out this short video clip on the documentary Tough Guise by Jason Katz (Challenging Media, 2006). Using the video clip and other course materials, comment on the relevance of Katz’ thesis in terms of understanding the roles men and women play in our society in 2018.  Is it still relevant? Why/why not? You may also want to address the notion that most violent crimes (in particular mass shootings) are committed by men. (Note: The original documentary was made in 1997. It was updated in 2013).

Be sure to follow up to at least one classmate by Sunday night, as well.


Challenging Media. (2006). Tough guise: Violence, media, and the crisis in masculinity. YouTube. Retrieved from Tough Guise: Violence, Media & the Crisis in Masculinity


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