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 General Academic Assignment Help 


INTRODUCTION (150 words)



Critically evaluate the learning experience with respect to your standing on the topics, analyse the gap in the skills, give critical reflection to the adopted previous actions and create future development plan. 



Section 1:Critical Evaluation on Learning requirement of MBA courses/ Level 7 Expectations.250


Evaluate academic literature on higher education learning models and demonstrate your familiarity with Models on reflective thinking models. Connect the literature with your practical tasks. Develop an understanding of ‘learning to learn’ skills sets required to be skilfully passing the MBA courses.

Supportive evidences could be documents on session’s activity participation such as academic skills self- evaluation form, Feedback received from the formative assessments or your bachelor learning experience, or any academic outputs.


Section 2: Critical Evaluation and Analysis on Learning Experiences and Skills Gap Identification. 250 words

This section will required you to position yourself in the competency scale for all the skills that you have highlighted in the section 1. Give justification to your critical evaluation and analyse the logic behind. Support your evaluation with the obtained scores or achievement in your previous learning stages. Highlight the skills gap. You may give academic certifications (In any), your scores on the class activity, participative remarks.


Section 3: Creating a self- development Action Plan (250 words)


Develop a time constraints action plan backed up with your objective strategies to bridge the identified gap.  Here be cautious and clear while allocating time, platforms and engagement level. These all should be in line with the gap.  You may give evidence as your details plan on each skills and allocated time to learn those skills.

Conclusion:100 words

Few sentences on your overall reflection for the ‘learning to learn’ journey of level 7 courses.











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